Is Elementor right for you?

Elementor is a popular Page Builder for WordPress for very good reason. It’s easy to use and comes with robust widgets and features that will transform your website into a beautiful and fun place for users to explore. 

This website is literally a resource for me to revisit my favorite tricks and tips for Elementor and Elementor Pro. I give credit where credit is due, and will also be sharing my own favorite things about Elementor.



The winner is the logo above, but I had fun generating these images using

Rabbits are not spontaneous pets, or pets for kids, or stylish pets for Easter

Unlike cats, rabbits are high maintenance pets that require much thought before bringing them into your home. Never see Winnie The Pooh? Well, they can be festidious and quite persnickety on top of needing plenty of room to run around free from electrical cords (that they will chew through if you don’t remove them or cover them with bunny-proof plastic).

Having said that, they are wonderful and can be litter box-trained, but I would research a good bunny vet in your area because those are even harder to come by than a bunny that likes to be held. And vet bills can be quite expensive depending on the breed.

I hope you will consider animal rescue for the loving abandoned pets that need furever homes.

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